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What if it happens that you can eat what you want and pay less for the same? Yes, God has granted you this small wish with your visit to Curry Club Cafe Indian restaurant in Melbourne. Whether you are planning for dinner, not in a mood to cook, a small family get together, hangout with your friends, the Curry Club Cafe is one of the best Indian restaurants in Richmond to be.

Situated in the heart of the city, the Curry Club cafe is well known for its authentic food, great service and soothing ambience among the other Richmond restaurants. Set in a magnificent setting, the restaurant offers diners in Melbourne, the excellent customer service and never- ending food variety. The menu has a wide selection of traditional dishes including North Indian, Indo-Chinese, South Indian and Pakistani cuisine. To accompany your food, the restaurant offers a lively atmosphere with its new bar. They use fresh ingredients, traditional cooking methods and specific spices.

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An amazing deal with the food just adds up to your excitement and that’s what we are providing you with our 20% discount coupon. May it be marriages, engagement ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, and any other important ceremonies, the Curry Club cafe is one of the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne, when it comes to catering for your special occasions.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve a table now and get 20% discount coupon. Hurry offer valid till 30th June 2016! Enjoy your extra savings!


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