The Curry Club Cafe, with its capacity of over 140 people with a separate function room, it also offers its customers with the arrangement of social gatherings such as birthday parties, corporate dinners etc.

Maybe it’s your 25th, your 40th birthday, or you’re about to hit a half century. We can make them all exceptional events you’ll never dis-remember.

These are the most important events in your life. That’s something we comprehend. It’s why we do our best to make sure that every, and we mean categorically everything, is flawless. Leave the details to us. You should relish yourself because that’s how lifelong memories are made.

Are looking for a place to celebrate a relationship milestone? Whether it’s your engagement party, your wedding reception, etc. We can make your special event a day or night to remember.

We have a large function room that can host numerous groups or parties. If you are eyeing for a function room in Melbourne, then look no more. Curry Club Cafe is celebrated for its vivacious group get-togethers in its theme decorated function rooms. The interior decoration is an echo of multi-coloured environment in the eatery.

Curry Club Café’s bright and unique curries and herbs will assure that your party remains unforgettable. Curry Club Café’s welcoming staff can help you have a good time regardless of the occasion.

With many years of expertise in fine dining and excellent service, Curry Club Café name has become synonymous with brilliance. If you are scheduling a significant social or business occasion, there is no better background than our well-appointed, contemporary function amenities. With boundless panache and flexibility, the room is at the ideal locality for carousing of any kind. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in every aspect of your event to generate a truly astonishing event.

We are conveniently located in Richmond. If you would like more information about our facility and menu, please contact a sales associate at or by phone on (03) 94286455.