• Soups

      Warm and full of taste

    • Mulligatawny Soup

      Mulligatawny Soup


      Created by the British in India

    • Sweet Corn Soup


      Veg. / Chicken / Prawn

    • Hot & Sour Soup


      Veg. / Chicken / Prawn


    • Vegetarian Appetizers

    • Samosas



      Triangular pastry pockets filled with mashed potatoes and peas

    • Vegetable Pakoras

      Vegetable Pakoras


      Seasonal vegetables dipped in spicy batter and deep fried

    • Onion Bhajia

      Onion Bhajia


      Onion fritters served with our home made sauce

    • Tandoori Mushrooms

      Tandoori Mushrooms


      Marinated in thick yogurt and spices

    • Paneer Tikka

      Paneer Tikka


      Chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled

    • Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

    • Chicken Tikka

      Chicken Tikka


      Thigh Fillets mixed with masala and grilled in tandoor 

    • Tandoori Mughal Kebabs

      Tandoori Mughal Kebabs


      Spicy minced lamb mixed with aromatic spices 

    • Tandoori Lamb Cutlets

      Tandoori Lamb Cutlets


      Succulent lamb chops marinated in herbs and spices

    • Kastoori Kebabs

      Kastoori Kebabs


      Succulent chicken breast pieces marinated with herbs, coated with gram flour and egg. Cooked in tandoor

    • Bihari Chicken Tikka

      Bihari Chicken Tikka


      Also known as 'Bihari Boti' is a form of chicken tikka marinated with raw papaya and spices.

    • Tawa Fried Fish

      Tawa Fried Fish


      Delicious fish marinated in spices and pan fried.

    • Malai Chicken Tikka

      Malai Chicken Tikka


      Boneless chicken that melts in the mouth.

Salads, Side Dishes & Relishes

    • Salad Side Dishes & Relishes

    • Chicken Tikka Salad

      Chicken Tikka Salad

      Side Dish: $7.50 Main: $12.90

      Small pieces of succulent chicken tikka served with raw vegetable salad.

    • Cucumber Raita

      Cucumber Raita


      Shredded cucumber mixed in normal raita.

    • Mixed Pickle or Chilli Pickle

      Mixed Pickle or Chilli Pickle


      Finely chopped and marinated vegetables in edible oils along with various Indian spices.

    • Roasted Pappadams

      Roasted Pappadams


      Thin and crisp deep fried papads.

    • Mango Chutney

      Mango Chutney


      Tangy chutney made with mango and indian herbs.

Main Course

    • From the Tandoor

    • Tandoori Platter

      Tandoori Platter


      An assortment of items from the tandoor including Lamb Cutlets, Chicken Tikka, Kebab and Mushroom 

    • Fish Tikka

      Fish Tikka


      Rockling fish fillets marinated in masala and grilled in tandoor

    • Tandoori Chicken

      Tandoori Chicken


      Chicken on the bone in tandoori spices, grilled to perfection

    • Kastoori Kebabs

      Kastoori Kebabs


      Succulent chicken breast pieces marinated with herbs, coated with gram flour and egg. Cooked in tandoor

    • Lamb Cutlets

      Lamb Cutlets


      Succulent lamb chops marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices 

    • Chicken Tikka

      Chicken Tikka


      Thigh fillets mixed with masala and grilled in tandoor

    • Seafood

    • Kerala Prawn Curry

      Kerala Prawn Curry


      A speciality of Kerala, cooked with fragrant spices and coconut milk

    • Goan Chilli Prawns

      Goan Chilli Prawns


      Cooked in a very hot sauce (can also be prepared with olive oil)

    • Madras Fish Curry

      Madras Fish Curry


      Coastal Tamil Nadu fish curry cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, tamarind and spice.

    • Curry Club Favourites

    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      Chicken Tikka Masala


      Skillful blending of tandoori spices, herbs and cream

    • Lamb Cutlets Roghan Josh

      Lamb Cutlets Roghan Josh


      Cooked in Classic Kashmiri sauce

    • Velvet Butter Chicken

      Velvet Butter Chicken


      Chicken tikka pieces simmered in cummin scented butter and served with a creamy rich tomato base sauce

    • Balti Stir-fries

    • Balti Ginger and Spinach 

      In a delicious spicy sauce with vegetables 
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $17.50
      Prawns $18.50
      Vegetables $13.50

    • Balti Stir-Fries with Cashews

      In a delicious spicy sauce with vegetables 
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $17.50
      Prawns $18.50
      Vegetables $13.50

    • Classic Curries

    • Mughalai Korma

      Mughalai Korma

      Cooked in yogurt, cream, nuts and fragrant spices 
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $16.50
      Fish $17.50
      Prawns $18.50

    • Saag (Fragrant Spinach Sauce) 

      Saag (Fragrant Spinach Sauce) 

      Creamy puréed spinach cooked with whole and ground spices 
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $15.50
      Fish $16.50
      Prawns $18.50

    • Vindaloo


      A fiery hot dish from Goa 
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $16.50
      Fish $17.50
      Prawns $18.50

    • Traditional Indian Curry

      Traditional Indian Curry

      Cooked with roasted spices, tomatoes and onions
      Chicken, Lamb or Beef $16.50
      Fish $17.50
      Prawns $18.50

    • Vegetarian Specialties

    • Dal Maharani

      Dal Maharani


      Mixed lentils in a rich creamy sauce

    • Dal Masala

      Dal Masala


      Yellow lentils curry

    • Navratan Korma

      Navratan Korma


      Rich vegetable curry cooked with nuts and cream

    • Baingan Masala

      Baingan Masala


      Diced egg plant sautéed with capsicum and mushrooms

    • Palak Paneer

      Palak Paneer


      Homemade cottage cheese sautéed with puréed spinach 

    • Malai Kofta

      Malai Kofta


      Balls of cottage cheese and spiced mashed potatoes simmered in cashew nut gravy

    • Mutter Paneer

      Mutter Paneer


      Cottage cheese and peas cooked in thick gravy

    • Pumpkin Masala

      Pumpkin Masala


      Buttered pumpkin tempered with mustard seeds
      (Can also be prepared using Olive Oil at a nominal charge of $1.00)

    • Dum ka Paneer

      Dum ka Paneer


      Slices of fresh cottage cheese simmered in a mild gravy, thickened with cashew nuts and flavored with aromatic spices


    • Desserts

      Something sweet for the end, right?

    • Gulab Jamun

      Gulab Jamun


      milk-solids-based sweet shaped into balls, deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup.

    • Pista Kulfi

      Pista Kulfi


      Frozen Ice Cream, however, denser and creamier with pistachoes.

    • Carrot Halwa

      Carrot Halwa


      Carrot cooked in milk and served sweet.

    • Mango Icecream

      Mango Icecream


      Sweetened frozen milk based product combined with mango flavour.

Wine List

    • Wine List

    • Imported Beers

      Kingfisher (India) $6.90
      Tiger (Singapore) $6.90
      Heineken (Holland) $6.90
      Becks (Germany) $6.90
      Stella Artois (Belgium) $6.90
      Carlsberg (Denmark) $6.90
      Corona (Mexico) $7.00
      Peroni (Italy) $6.90
      Singha (Thailand) $6.90

    • Local Beers

    • James Boag’s light $4.90
      Cascade light $4.90
      Carlton draught $5.50
      Victoria bitter $5.50
      James squire Pilsner $6.50
      Cascade premium $6.50
      Crown lager $6.50
      James Boag’s premium $6.50
      Coopers pale ale $6.50
      Pure Blonde $6.00

    • Pouring Spirits

    • $6.50

      Vodka, bourbon, gin, scotch, rum, southern comfort, brandy, Bundaberg rum

    • Soft drinks

    • $3.90

      Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale, Squash, Lemonade, Mineral Water, Tonic

      San Pellegrino Mineral Water 500 ml $4.00 1000 ml $7.00
    • Sparkling

    • Penley Estate Traditional Method Sparkling

      Coonawarra SA $7 $34

      Green apple and biscuit aromas pair with the Pakoras or our traditional curry
      Lana Moscato

      King Valley Vic $7 $34

      A musky, rose scented sweeter wine. Match with Fish Korma or Masala Crab

    • Premium Spirits

    • $7.50

      Johny walker black, jack daniels, jameson irish whiskey, Canadian club, Bombay sapphire, Glenfiddich, Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s

    • Ports and Liqueurs

    • From $7.50

      Ports and Liqueurs

    • Pure and Natural

    • LASSI- sweet yoghurt drink, plain or mango $ 4.90
      JUICES- orange, apple or pineapple $4.00

    • Coffee and Tea

    • Extensive selection of coffee, tea and hot chocolate available.

      *Please note that all prices include GST. $2.50 corckage applies per person. All products are subject to availability.

    • White

    • Tatou Sauvignon Blanc

      Marlborough NZ $8 $32

      Tropical passionfruit flavors to match Samosas, Saag or Kastoori Kebabs

      Free Fall Pinot Grigio

      King Valley Vic $7 $28

      The wine shows hints of pear and spice to pair with Bahajia or Masala Crab

      Mt Langi “Billi Billi” Pinot Gris

      Grampions Vic $8 $32

      A soft generous palate to have with Tikka or our classic Vindaloo

      Round Two “Single Vineyard” Chardonnay

      Barossa Valley SA $7.50 $30

      Medium bodied with peach accents to pair with Tandoori Chicken or Korma

    • Red

    • Little Yering Pinot Noir

      Yarra Valley Vic $8 $32

      Spicy cherry and medium weigh. Enjoy with Dum ka Paneer or Kerala Prawn Curry

      Wild’s Gully Tempranillo

      King Valley Vic $7 $28

      Spiced raspberry freshness matching Murgh Biryani or our Eggplant Masala

      Round Two “Single Vineyard” Grenache

      Barossa Valley SA $7.5 $30

      Gamey aromas and full flavor, perfect with Rogan Josh or Malabar fish

      Fox Creek “Red Baron” Shiraz

      McLaren Vale SA $8 $32

      Easy drinking style to pair with Velvet Butter Chicken or the Goat Curry