Indian Cuisine

A Guide to Indian Cuisine and Spices

India has a wide range of traditional and authentic local cuisine with the Indian essence all over them. With exotic ingredients, tongue-tingling flavours, ambrosial presentation and exclusive Indian touch these dishes can be thrilling and be specified as fit food for God’s. With Indian food, it is such that you incorporate all techniques from other cuisines and then add the special Indian spices to the dish to make it different and completely finger licking.

Indian delicacies use a palette of flavours ranging from spicy, sour to sweet all at the same time thus giving a different complete Indian tinge to the dish. All you need to know is which spice tastes best with what dish and the quantity of spice to be used and you are ready for Indian food.

There are some basic spices used in many dishes such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, chilli, ginger, garlic etc. All these spices are either obtained by ground or trees/plants and while being taste enhancers also serve a lot of medical purposes.

One popular belief associated with curries is that all Indian food are curries which is very unlikely. However, curry has become a staple name for all spicy veg or non-veg dishes with some gravy or sauce. Indian food serves thousands of variants of curries like watery, red, white, dried out, hot etc. with different ingredients and different flavours.

Indian food is paradise, especially for Vegans. Use of spices, curries, sauces breathe new flavour and life to potatoes, peas, eggplants, bottle guards, tofu, cottage cheese etc. All you need to know is the spices their tastes and uses and once you get the grip of Indian spices it is very easy to prepare and enjoy Indian food. Keep the spices simple when trying Indian in the beginning and see how far can you take it. Flavours like chutney (Green/red/yellow) and pickles are exclusive to Indian cuisine and trust me you will not find anything better, diverse in any other cuisine than Indian.

With the right selection of spices and condiments and experimental frame of mind, Indian dishes can get exciting and intimidating for you. Enjoy the flavourful dishes and once you know how they taste and feel only then start trying your hand at cooking Indian and you are sure to succeed.


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